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At D Rigg Grabs, we’re always ready and prepared to support your building project, specifically at the waste removal stages. So whether you need us to remove demolition spoils or rubbish prior to handover, simply give us a call today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with construction waste removal in Cheshire

For any building work, having a reliable form of waste management is important for a number of reasons. Ensuring that your waste is handled and disposed of properly can go a long way in protecting your workers from avoidable accidents

We are ready to support your building project at every stage, from clearing up demolition spoils to removing rubbish prior to handover. We’re just a phone call away.

Book us today to make construction waste removal in Cheshire simple – we’ll turn up when you need us, collect the construction waste and transport it for recycling or another disposal. Whether you are completing a full build or renovation we’d love to support your project.

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Our dedicated waste removal team are experienced in dealing with all kinds of construction waste from both large and small building sites. We can take a variety of construction waste, including any kind of wood, concrete, stone, brick, plaster, plasterboard, hardcore, soil, debris, green waste and earth as well as packaging materials such as metal, foam, plastic and insulation.
Furthermore, we are also capable of clearing Hazardous Waste items such as paint and solvents.
Once we collect the construction waste from your site in Cheshire, we’ll normally take it back to our main depot where it will be sorted. Anything which can be reused is kept aside. We then do an initial disassembly if appropriate and send it to our network of recycling partners for final recycling or disposal.
As we recycle the majority of materials, we send less than 10% of the material we collect to landfill and even less when it is building materials or contractor waste.